Since 1880, Foresti is known as a Cheese-dairy industry.

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Fontal Stella Alpina

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The ‘Fontal Nazionale’ known as STELLA ALPINA FORESTI is a traditional Italian cheese, which is made in Italy, and definitely outstands similar imported products from the EEC. For over 100 years Foresti S.p.A. has produced this typical and excellent type of semi- soft cheese , half-cooked, obtained from high quality pasteurized milk in addition to traditional starter cultures .

The perfect protein /fat ratio which is the ultimate recipe of this fabulous STELLA ALPINA cheese produced by FORESTI ,is a high nourishing product. It is delicious eaten alone or cooked as an additional ingredient, when it melts and it’s flavour enhances its recipes .

STELLA ALPINA is a round cheese with a very thin rind, it’s inner colour is creamy pale yellow barely with small cheese holes; it’s delicate, tasty, creamy with a delicate flavour which melts once in a mouth.


Semi-soft half cooked cheese , cream pale yellow, with a distinctive delicate creamy flavour.
% per 100g of Product
Moisture: 47 %
Total Fat: 25 %
Protein: 23.5 %
Mineral salt: 1%
Fat in dry matter : 47 %
Calorie : Kcal 321 - KJ: 1331
Characteristics :
FORESTI’s ‘Fontal Nazionale’ known as STELLA ALPINA , is round in shape about 40 cm diameter and 8cm high, have a light concave on the top surface and weigh 11-12Kg. This cheeses aging/ripening period in appropriate cold storage, where temperature and humidity are constantly controlled. They lie on traditional timber planks, here the cheese is regularly turned and treated with salty water.
After an accurate ripening season which is no less than 2 months, it may be consumed up to 60 days, if properly preserved .
Staple product
FONTAL with a natural rind.
brownish-orange colour individually wrapped in parchment paper to be sold.
FONTAL with a plastic rind.
can be best handled and last longer, it may be sold with the plastic rind, in this case the rind can be scraped off and then protected with a thin film of brown plasticoat. A whole cheese is individually wrapped up.
FONTAL with a plastic rind.
Can be sold in quarters individually, thermo vacuum-packed ,thus a guarantee for a better conservation and to last longer.
Natural Rind
KG. 121 20 (5 layers 4 boxes)
Plastic Rind
KG. 121 20 (5 layers 4 boxes)
V/P plasticized quarters
KG. 34/4 20 (5 layers 4 boxes)