Since 1880, Foresti is known as a Cheese-dairy industry.

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Technically, ricotta is not a cheese , but a cheese by-product. Its name, ricotta means cooked again, an obvious reference to the production method used to make it.

Ricotta is made from the whey drained from other cheeses like fontal ,provolone and other cheeses releasing liquid from the curd particles. This liquid, called “whey,” contains milk sugar, minerals and water-soluble milk proteins, FORESTI’s ricotta is generally made with a combination of whey and whole cow's milk.

Ricotta is similar in texture to cottage cheese though considerably lighter and is a key ingredient in many cakes and desserts. Ricotta is a fresh soft and crumbly snow white cheese, with a rich but mildly sweet milk flavor, its’ solids are compacted into small rounds and its texture is crumbly but firm.


Dairy product , light crumbly creamy and smooth , white cheese , with a distinctive delicate milk flavour.
% per 100g of Product
Moisture: 74 %
Total Fat: 12 %
Protein: 11 %
Fat in dry matter : 30 %
Calorie : Kcal 157 - KJ: 653
Characteristics :
FORESTI’s Ricotta is stored in plastic containers (alimentary polypropylene) thermally sealed during production, preserving it and it may remain unaltered up to 60 days if preserved under seal at +4°C. A wild range of containers may hold from 250g up to 10Kg containers .
Staple product
FORESTI’s Ricotta, sold for home use.
Sold in 250g-1500g containers thermally sealed with an additional lid to save and keep it’s fragrance once open , which may last for 2-3 days if kept at 4°C.
FORESTI’s Ricotta, sold for food industry or restaurants.
Sold in 5Kg containers up to 10Kg containers used in great amounts for cooking, baking, fillings , desserts, or ravioli.
RICOTTA 250 g 16 75 ( 5 layers 15 boxes )
RICOTTA 1500 g 4 55 ( 5 layers 11 boxes )
RICOTTA 5000 g 4 50 ( 5 layers 10 boxes )
RICOTTA 10 kg 1 55 ( 5 layers 11 boxes )