Since 1880, Foresti is known as a Cheese-dairy industry.

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Mascarpone is obtained from whole milk cream, through a specific process, which is typical in the Lombardia territory.

Originally mascarpone was once only produced during the cold season, whereas FORESTI’s Mascarpone is produced and sold throughout the whole year. Our Mascarpone is a result of processing selected cream of cow’s milk, through modern technological methods.

If properly conserved it will last about 60 days. It is best-known in ‘tiramisu’, a delicate dessert made with mascarpone.

It is also delicious straight, topped with fresh berries, or as a savoury spread when mixed with anchovies or herbs.

The result is an extremely smooth and creamy white fresh cheese, slightly sweet which melts in your mouth.


Smooth , creamy white cream cheese , with a distinctive delicate flavour and is soft and creamy
% per 100g of Product
Moisture: 40 %
Total Fat: 54 %
Protein: 3 %
Fat in dry matter : 90 %
Calorie : Kcal 508 - KJ: 2091
Characteristics :
FORESTI’s ‘Mascarpone’ is stored in plastic containers (alimentary polypropylene) thermally sealed during production. A wild range of containers may hold 250g up to 20Kg container . It may remain unaltered up to 60 days if preserved under seal at +4°C.
Staple product
FORESTI’s Mascarpone, sold for home use.
In 250g-500g containers with a lid to save and keep it’s fragrance once open , which may last for 2-3 days if kept at 4°C.
FORESTI’s Mascarpone, sold for food industry or restaurants.
Sold in 1Kg containers up to 20Kg containers used in great amounts for baking, savouries, fillings , desserts, ice-cream or ravioli . Mascarpone may be assembled in layers with gorgonzola typical ‘torta al mascarpone’ or may be added with walnuts ‘mascarpone alle noci ’ or used for sweet dessert cream.
MASCARPONE 250 g 16 75 ( 5 layers 15 boxes )
MASCARPONE 500 g 8 75 ( 5 layers 15 boxes )
MASCARPONE 1000 g 4 75 ( 5 layers 15 boxes )
MASCARPONE 2000 g 4 50 ( 5 layers 10 boxes )
MASCARPONE 5000 g 2 50 ( 5 layers 10 boxes )
MASCARPONE 10 kg bucket 60 ( 4 layers 15 secchi )
MASCARPONE 20 kg bucket 24 ( 4 layers 6 secchi )