Since 1880, Foresti is known as a Cheese-dairy industry.

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Paste Filate

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FORESTI’s “Pasta Filata” are a special type of cheese that melts easily . We have been producing this kind of cheese made from whole cows' milk, with spun curds, of variable ripeness.

“Pasta Filata” is an artistic skill and ability of the cheese-maker, it can be fully expressed in the stretching of the curd, the movements: slow, precise and delicate model this type of cheese. into various shapes: long as a salame, round as a melon, cone trunk and pear-shaped.

The most common are topped with a small spherical head looking like a snow man. If it isn’t kneaded, drawn out, spun long, and rolled up tight, it isn’t "pasta filata". This cheese is perfect for garnishing meat, pasta or even on pizza, replacing mozzarella.

FORESTI’s “Pasta Filata” is coated by a thin crust, sometimes smoked, appearing light orange/brownish, and if natural it is cream white. It’s flavour is delicate and metes in your mouth.


Dairy product of spun paste , apparently creamy white and has a delicate taste, melts in your mouth.
% per 100g of Product
Moisture: 48 %
Total Fat: 24 %
Protein: 26 %
Mineral salt: 1%
Fat in dry matter : 46 %
Calorie : Kcal 316 - KJ: 1313
Characteristics :
FORESTI’s “Pasta Filata” have a typical shape appearing as scamorza, a loaf, a plat, as cacciocavalli snow man shape or as a big round salame. This cheese varies shape and size and may weigh 300g to 5 Kg. Some are sold after a period in appropriate cold storage for seasoning, where temperature and humidity are severely controlled. The smoked cheese undergoes a special treatment with real wood smoke, which enhances a fabulous fragrance to this cheese.
Staple product
FORESTI’s “Pasta Filata”
are thermo vacuum- packed and may last for 60 days , there are some with a natural rind and others with smoked coating, and may vary from 300g to 4 Kg.
FORESTI’s seasoned “Pasta Filata”
undergo a period of seasoning in appropriate cold storage where temperature and humidity are severely controlled. When ready they’re covered with a plastic film to keep mould away.
FORESTI’s fiaschietto
appears to be like a ‘caciocavallo’ and can be smoked or natural .
Natural rind / smoked
300 g 18 75 (5 layers 15 boxes)
Natural rind / smoked
1,5 kg 5 50 (5 layers 10 boxes)
Natural rind / smoked
2 kg4 50 (5 layers 10 boxes)
Natural rind / smoked
4 kg 2 50 (5 layers 10 boxes)
Natural rind / smoked
1,6 kg4 50 (5 layers 10 boxes)
Treated rind
5 KG. 1 66 (6 layers 11 boxes )