Since 1880, Foresti is known as a Cheese-dairy industry.

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The Company Foresti S.p.A

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La sede di Foresti, tempo fa.I mezzi di trasporto di Forseti, tempo fa.La tecnologia di Foresti.

Cella di stagionatura

A modern and technological industry with over one hundred years of tradition and experience .

For us, true and lasting success requires more than just premium product. That is why we’ve also worked hard over 100 years to distinguish ourselves. Foresti grew amidst the fertile Padana plain’s countryside in the late 1880’s . Since then this Dairy industry has kept on growing throughout these years, from a small cheese factory to what Foresti S.p.A is known as today, becoming a modern and highly technological Dairy Industry.

High standards of quality begin with the milk. Healthy animals, kept in clean, open dairy barns and wide open pastures and fed high-quality feed, produce the very best milk. When the milk gets to us it is processed and turned into cheese where, ‘FONTAL NAZIONALE’ cheese is it’s speciality. FORESTI’s brand is well known throughout Italy and abroad, due to it’s genuineness and high quality cheese, from an ancient tradition.

Although FORESTI has grown and technologically advanced , it’s genuineness and the process in which it’s cheese is made, has remained the same throughout all these years. FORESTI is proud to be in the forefront, according to Italian laws and tradition in which regards hygienical and sanitary measures.

La tecnologia di Foresti.

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La tecnologia di Foresti.

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